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Fluence Translations was born out of a passion for languages and an understanding of the power of words to reach people to make the world a better place.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the language industry, which has seen us work on international marketing campaigns for luxury, blue-chip brands, we bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to companies who are doing their bit for the environment.

We do this by providing them with high-quality multilingual content, that is usually only available to larger brands.

We believe 100% in the need for everyone to adopt a more sustainable way of life and we strive to bring these principles into the translation industry and our day-to-day work.

By working with companies who are committed to doing things differently and by jointly adopting a friendly, conscientious approach in our ways of working, we ultimately contribute to a global change.

Every project sees us give back to the community as we follow our own Sustainability Pledge.

Our mission is to help spread the word of sustainability across the globe.


Laura Cantora, Founder of Fluence

Fluence Translations was founded in 2020 by Laura Cantora with the hope of bringing a new kind of translation agency to the market, one where language and green ethos work together for a better world.

Laura has a wealth of translation industry experience. It has seen her hold positions ranging from in-house translator to vendor coordinator or project manager, escalating to top leadership positions in cutting-edge translation companies and international departments of disruptive global marketing agencies.

Her understanding of Translation Theories (Laura holds a PhD from the Centre for Translation Studies at Leeds University), Computational Linguistics and Data Science give her a privileged edge in the industry which she combines with her inside knowledge of all the steps in the translation process to bring to Fluence and her team a friendly approach where all the hard work is done for you.

Originally from the most Northern part of Spain, the Celtic Asturias, Laura is in love with its green colours and the combination of mountains, sea and wildlife there. It was growing up in her village where she first learnt to love nature and the importance of a sustainable approach to life. Equally fascinated by the wonders of London, the city that so warmly adopted her, she is fluent in 4 languages and you will always find her with a book in her hands. Pretty much obsessed with spreadsheets and SQL statements, she is always at the ready to organize your every day into a handy database to much amusement of her friends and family. She enjoys jewellery making and photography but never cooking.

Who Do We Work With

We primarily work with small to medium sized companies and start-ups by identifying the international markets with potential for their products and then translating all the marketing materials and brand messaging to be able to resonate with their target audience in these new markets.

By focusing on the right message, tone of voice and using relevant keywords, our clients position themselves in the correct way to be able to communicate to a wider audience to increase their ROI.

Why Use Us?

Multilingual Stars
Multidisciplinary expertise: Language, Marketing Data, Sustainability
Network of translators, copywriters, storytellers and marketeers
Advanced Language Technology
Cutting-Edge Technology
Impeccable Quality and QA Excellency
We Give Back to the Community

“Laura’s passion for languages and her understanding of the importance of a strong messaging that is tailored and resonates with audiences make her an asset for any client and brand working in international markets.” 

Supriya Dev-Purkaystha

Commercial Director, ForwardPMX

Laura’s dedication to delivering high-quality work, her emotional intelligence and data-driven decision making skills make her not only a great manager but a great leader”

Jennifer Baccou

Digital Journey Director, Publicis-Sapient