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We are a friendly, visionary translation agency and language consultancy that is passionate about helping fellow eco-conscious companies grow internationally.  We understand how important it is for you to grow your business and the potential of tapping into international markets to achieve this. We’ll work with you to give you access to the languages you’ll need to ensure your message resonates with the people you want to reach.

Understanding your needs

At Fluence, we fully understand the challenges that arise from multilingual, multicultural campaigns.
We have the know-how and experience to craft your message so that your voice is heard and strikes a chord with the audience you are trying to captivate.
As marketeers, we understand the principles behind running a successful online presence and apply them across the work we do. While as linguists, we combine language expertise with cultural understanding, to create a message that is hyper-tailored for your audience.

Our Ethos

We care deeply about people and the environment and we strive to share these values with the companies we work with.
We’ll also help you build trust with your customers.
This is achieved by understanding that this trust starts with a clear, honest messaging in a language and a tone of voice that will appeal to your customer’s hearts. 
We believe in the power of words to connect people together and offer you the right language and strategies to share your message in an authentic way that is a true representation of your brand and values.

Are you an eco-conscious company that’s looking
to grow internationally?

What We Do

International Growth Strategy

International Growth

Launch to markets with potential for your products, saving time and money.

Translation and Localisation

Translation & Localisation

Ensure your voice is communicated the right way.

SEO, PPC, Social, Marketing, ecommerce

SEO, PPC, Social, E-Commerce

Fuss-free campaign localization with full keyword research and mapping.

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting & Analysis

Insights and data to help inform your decisions and track your investment in international.