Translations with a Conscience
Discover here our Sustainability Pledge

Giving Back

Inspired by the essence of the B-Corp movement, we aim to give back to the community with each project and we ensure well-being and transparency in all our interactions with our clients, translators, writers and vendors.

Our pledge is to help create a more sustainable world:

  • Ensure an efficient use of resources for each project: for our clients, vendors and the planet
  • Reduce unnecessary travel – moving operations online wherever possible
  • Work with our clients, translators and vendors to reduce the impact of translations (through the use of technology to avoid doubling translation work, reducing paperwork and simplifying bureaucracy)
  • A ban on printing
  • Ensure a fair pay for all of our translators and vendors, regardless of the language pair
  • Support charities and NGOs with volunteering work and advice – both for international organizations and local societies
  • Share our profits fairly with all stakeholders with transparency and integrity
  • Empower young translators and increase the in-take of language learning and language studies in local schools, colleges and universities
  • Share green ideas with the translation profession and community
  • Encourage healthy living and positivity

A Sustainable Way of Living

Fluence Translations believes 100% in the need for everyone to adopt a more sustainable way of life and we strive to incorporate these principles into the translation industry and our day-to-day work.
We collaborate with international, regional and local initiatives.
Plus, we are part of Ecologi to support reforestation.
Each translation sees a tree planted – together we can grow a forest!

Mentoring young professionals in the language industry
Translating for a more sustainable fashion industry