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International Growth
Translation and Localisation
Translation & Localisation
SEO, PPC, Social, Marketing, ecommerce
SEO, PPC, Social, E-Commerce
Reporting and Analysis
Reporting & Analysis

Fluence offers a unique blend of translation and marketing. We are experts in all things Google, especially PPC campaigns and SEO optimization for global markets, with an edge in data to monitor the impact of your translations and enhanced international reporting.

Some of the things we do

International Growth Strategy

International Growth Strategy

Are you considering entering a new market? If so, we can take your internationalisation to the next level!

We’ll provide:

  • Data analysis
  • Market scope
  • Keyword research and recommendations

Plus, avoid cost and effort in markets that might not work for you and have localized campaigns that take into account the target users’ needs and relevant keywords.

Translation and Localisation

Translation and Localisation

Do you need content that resonates with the audience and gives you effective results? 

Fluence offers translation and localisation to ensure your voice is communicated the right way.
We recognise that creating a holistic message word-by-word is not enough – we’ll make sure that the terms and keywords used are those trending in the market and that the meaning is adapted to fit into the new culture.

We do all this while keeping your voice, brand and tone very much at the forefront.

SEO, PPC, Social & E-commerce

SEO, PPC, Social, Marketing, ecommerce


We’ll localise the content for your online campaign by making sure that the right keywords are used to give you the right results.

We do all this with your platform and engines in mind and it’s a fuss-free process from start to finish.

You’ll just get the finished file ready for upload!

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

Do you have a consistent approach to all of your marketing materials?
Are your international teams working together?
Do you require more knowledge of the value of your translation efforts?

We assess all these aspects and bring unity to your content so that it inspires your customers to care about and have confidence in you and your product.

We set up tracking and reporting so you can measure the benefits, growth and value of all your international campaigns.