Fluence works with native translators and linguists trained in marketing, empowered with the latest translation technology and incorporating marketing data to ensure top performance and quick reaction to any in-market shift

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Find out how we can provide you with a bespoke
translation service

You’ll have a dedicated team, tailored recommendations and support that will consistently stay with you throughout the life of your project.
Your translation service becomes an extension of your team – committed to your growth.

At Fluence, we take a flexible adaptable approach to each project. We start by analysing the project to see how many stages are necessary and we then focus on each stage as its own entity, while still keeping an eye on the bigger picture and the end goal.

Project Stages

Translation Workflow

Expertise and Technology

At Fluence our translators have at their disposal the latest technology in the industry. This is used as and aid for consistency, terminology excellence and ultimately to avoid doubling translation work, resulting in a reduction in price for you.
This sees state-of-the-art translation memories, termbases, machine engines and AI incorporated into the human translation process. This clever combination of technology and manual approach facilitates the translation work, while ensuring it remains real and personal at all times. 


Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Fluence. We are committed to providing a service that our clients and their customers can trust. This is essential and intrinsic to all we do. We always strive to operate within the most thorough quality framework.
Our content goes through several layers of controls and is refined by relevant data to ensure it always achieves key results.
With Fluence, you have a team that you can trust.

The Benefits

Translation and Localisation
Human Approach
Terminology Excellence
Consistency in languages
Cost reduction
Cost Reduction

Translators Network

We work with a specialized network of translators, copywriters and linguists experts in digital marketing and transcreation techniques.

Marketing Data

Incorporating performance data and campaign analysis makes our content perform to its full potential and allows us to react quickly to any market shifts.